“tell me the story of how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe”

I spent two years of my life wiping tears, hold hands, sharing smiles and grieving with the elderly. These teachers of wisdom taught me to find the beauty in time, love, life and sorrow.

I grew up in the beautiful countryside of central Minnesota with my seven sisters and two brothers. My dad humbled us with walks out in the woods and by planting tress. My mom fostered our creativity with card nights and scrap booking days. All ten of us siblings grew up to be distinctly different yet we all came away knowing the importance of hard work, love, a hug, forgiveness and a second chance.

I met my husband at a summer church camp when we were 15 years old (yes I am a firm believer in young love). He was a shy, skinny, and tall blue-eyed farm boy. Our dates consisted of snowmobiling, ice fishing (two favorites of us Minnesotans), cooking and believe it or not crafting. I will reluctantly admit he is better on the sewing machine than me.

On our wedding day and everyday after that the love has grown immensely. It continues to amaze me that so much love and happiness can fit into one persons life. He makes me laugh at the most silly and sometimes insignificant things. But he also has taught me so much, the importance of visiting grandparents, drinking a cup of coffee (and only doing that), a walk outside and a hug at any time of the day.

We moved to northern Minnesota so that my farm boy could get his A&P license. The winters here have taught us to appreciate warm blankets, cuddle time and hot-cocoa. During the summers we have enjoyed the farmers market, weekend walks and the cool breeze.

In November of 2015 our life changed in the most profound and indefinite way. We welcomed a sweet baby boy into this world, and he most certainly is our whole world. He loves to be sung to and he loves the brightness of the early morning sun.

Then in June of this year (2017) we welcomed twin boys into the world, and we are LOVING the chaotic life of three boys!

Our sweet little ones reminds us to find the beauty in every single day. No matter if its a hot-cocoa blizzard day or picking sunflowers in a blooming meadow, there is beauty to be found.

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