Take Time

It still amazes me when certain aspects of our lives are suddenly revealed to us through events, people and small moments. It was not until I met my husband that I realized and began to value the meaning of time.


I have always been a goal setter and worked hard to achieve things in life. Not really focusing on the accomplishment of a goal or moments of life in between nor the journey. I have learned that is has to be one of my greatest mistakes I have made over the course of my lifetime. What really is the journey if it is not enjoyed, cherished and marveled over? When did I let go of the thought that all these small things, big things and somewhere in between things are miraculous in themselves.

Sometimes in order to appreciate the journey, we as people should embark on a goal, a big out of reach goal just to appreciate the journey, because even if we know that we will not make it there, at least we made the journey and had the experience.

When my husband came along he really tried to teach me the importance of letting go of work and school and the rat race to take a minute to breathe and focus on the blessings. Sadly, this did not receive a proper time in my day until the arrival of my son. What an unbelievably humbling experience he has been for me. For all these moments would have been lost without my acknowledgement.dsc_0822dsc_0756dsc_0743

In those first few weeks that he was here nothing seemed as important as rocking him to sleep nor the curling of his fingers around mine. As he grows older and less dependent on me, I remind myself that it is still important to take the time to read to him, build him blocks, go outside and pick apples and push him in his car, do silly things to make him giggle,cuddle him when he is sad, ask him for a hug, teach him new words, crawl and chase him on the floor and watch him with his dad.

These moments mean so much to him, but they mean so much more to me. They seem to renew the world, give it a better outlook and humble my heart into happiness and bring tears to my eyes. So simple it is.dsc_0903dsc_0727dsc_0720

Take Time. Today. Right now. Right here. Take time.

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