The Bigger Plan

A few years back, which some days feels like a lifetime ago, and others as though I could close my eyes and feel the day, I met your poppa. It was a hot summer day, with a cool breeze from the lake scattering the pine needles across the ground, catching in the blades of green grass that blanketed the earth. There are few simplicity’s that I remember about the day, I was attending a pre-confirmation camp, I was fifteen years old and I was more concerned with hanging out with my best friends than searching for a boyfriend.


From sitting here writing this there is no profound happening nor bizarre coincidence about the day or even weekend. It was another ordinary weekend, yet one that started into another chapter in my life, one I had not written myself.

When I was fifteen I already knew (thought I did), where I was going with life. I had some interest in joining the Military, knew I would attend a four year college, enter into a career that would make me proud to work in as well as fulfilling and live in place I never had before.

Its sorta funny how I thought I knew everything that I wanted, and had a plan of how I was going to get from A to B to C, while making stops along the way. And looking back on relationships and the coming of you sweet baby, there are no truer words than: the best things that happen in life are the unexpected.


Let me tell you little one, often throughout the course of your life you will have a plan, to do the dishes, scrub the floor, put off your chores till right before bed, get your homework done, go to college, marry your first love, build your own house or start up a business. However, there is a plan, Gods plan that is bigger than your plan.


He knows, when you need an extra hug, when you need someone to accompany you on the journey, when you need a break, when you need a trail, which trial you need and at what point in your life you need blessings and which ones you do need.And so many times baby boy he gives us blessings for voids that we did not even know existed in our life.


The bigger plan for you is truly miraculous and reassures your poppa and I that you will experience so many blessings in your life, just as we both have. As I look back just this afternoon when poppa was playing with you and chasing you around and you were squealing with delight, I sat poised watching the two of you play and all of the sudden was engulfed by your poppas sweet arms into a big hug and a kiss placed on top my head, I am so thankful, that he has a bigger plan for me.


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