I’m not one for cliche sayings and quotes, in fact I avoid them. I instead look for naturally, flowing words that come from individuals. Ones that speak of hardships and struggles just beneath the surface.

But, (you knew this was coming) one I do like is “the best in life is the unexpected, because there were no expectations.”

I find this to be true in so many different facets of life, vacation, relationships and even a trip to the local library. By definition I am a planner. I love lists, love writing them, reading them, re-reading them and the best part, crossing off the items when I have accomplished them. What I am trying to get it is I love to plan, analyze, reconsider, plan some more, second guess myself and finally (sometimes) make a decision, and of course post-analyze the decision.

The only issue with this is that frankly, life just gets in my way! All to often I find myself staring a decision in the face and I cannot complete my process. Does this bug me? You bet it does! Does it mess with my head? You bet it does!

I have also found it to be very good for me, to experience spontaneous events, pointing me back into a whole new direction, with a chance to learn new knowledge, meet up with a new experience and in essence altering the course of my existence.

This was a good thought to keep in mind when my hubby, son and I went in for a prenatal visit at the end of December. At that point we were almost twelve weeks pregnant. And when I state that we were surprised and ecstatic to learn that we were having twins, it is quite the understatement.




When I think back to the arrival of our son, much of the memories seem hazy, foggy, with little recollection of all events that took place. The part that I remember the most is this fierce love that claimed my whole being and this need to protect this tiny angel that suddenly became the most beautiful and important part of me.

I expect that this time it will be no different, but the mind-blowing part is that the love and protection will multiply enough for two sweet new babies. But, with the twins comes an increased risk for nearly everything, pre-term labor, gestational diabetes and complications during delivery. Despite all of this I am trying to take it easy and not worry.

For today, I am feeling blessed beyond what I deserve. With an amazing hubby who has taken on a second job, a sweet little toddler who reminds me to laugh at him moment after moment and two babies nestled in, growing bigger each day, with no complications for now, I honestly can say that I am beyond blessed. And for that, I am so grateful for.


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