31.3 Weeks and Counting

We are nearing the finish line of pregnancy and the starting line of plus three! These two sweet peanuts have become increasingly more active, and getting unsettled with the womb life. Big brother G has started paying more attention to the belly, patting it when he is standing near and lifting up my shirt to give kisses and hugs. He will often say baby and point to the belly, holding out his hands to touch it.




Spring is finally here to stay (I hope). The early morning sunshine is a blessed change to all of those cloudy, moody days winter brought this year. Dandelions blanket the grass while birds chirp and hop tree to tree.

We made it to the flower farm the other day, I was so excited to bring our little man there. He was most interested in running the aisles and pulling the flower petals off the flowers. Isn’t his bonnet darling? It is an Emmifaye bonnet, check her out! This mustard yellow color is my FAVORITE, and I wish I looked this good in a floppy, linen bonnet. We finally found him a pair of cowboy boots, $5 at a garage sale, I sure was pumped. He loves them too, wears them everywhere. Often he even wears them in the house and marches around with them on for hours.




Throughout our days here at home together, my little man so often takes my breath away. How could I be so lucky to be his momma? Although I have been a mom for almost two years the fierce, protective love that blossoms in my heart still knocks the wind out of me. So many days it seems like the challenges are many and the patience is thin, yet when he lifts those hands up the sky and says “mamma” or comes over for a hug and pat on the back, there is nothing more precious in the world or more exhilarating. And this makes me even more excited for these twins to arrive, thinking of all the future moments of sweetness, fierce love and that longing in your heart to bottle every blessed minute.


My hubby just started his new job, still working overnight shifts. This will be quite an adjustment once the babies coming, for with our little man he was home at night. But we are ever so thankful for this new position, which gives him a better schedule and higher pay as well as better benefits.

In this season I often need to remind myself to take time for gratitude. For new opportunities, for all of our current blessings, for all that we have, for all of those we hold dear and all the gifts and dreams we have been blessed with.




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