9 Adventures of 2017

As I sit here I cannot believe that it already is June, or rather that half the year is gone! I wanted to take a look back on the first six months and think more about the six that will shortly follow. I have a list of nine adventures I wanted to embark on in 2017. 

Sometimes I really need to push myself to try new experiences and seek learning to stimulate my brain. I try to make goals from all different aspects, health & wellness, knowledge, creativity, financial and hobbies/personal interests.

Here are the nine on my list:

1.) Have healthy twins. Alright, so this one is kind of a cheat one since we found out in December we were expecting twins, but they are coming this year and chances are we won’t have them again. (Although you never know).

2.) Write a children’s book and self-publish it. I love writing and up until recently I had thought that I would rather write a novel than a children’s book. My son has changed this. Children really are the best teachers, and so I began to write a children’s book from my sons perspective. The text is currently being illustrated and hopefully will be going to be printed within the next month. To say I’m excited is an understatement!

3.) Graduate with a Bachelors. I finished this in May. I began my college degree in my third year of high school, so by high school graduation I was half way done. I took a year off because I did not know which degree I wanted to pursue. I ended up choosing Business Administration. I miss college, I really enjoy the challenge and stress of it. I am hoping to go back at some point to get my MBA.

4.) Run a half marathon. This has been on my list for a number of years and each time I have managed to find an excuse not to do it. This year is gonna be the year I do it.

5.) Find a good recipe and make delicious doughnuts. I have made them once before but they didn’t turn out to be anything amazing. If anyone has a recommendation for a recipe, I would LOVE to hear it.

6.) Grow fresh herbs. Early this year my mother had given me four rosemary plants that were nearly dead. I babied them for awhile but they never came back, so I ended up drying them and using them for cooking. They are the BEST thing that ever happened to potato fries and breakfast potatoes. So, this spring I bought four starts, peppermint, sweet mint, parsley and cilantro and they are growing out on my balcony. My favorite is the peppermint, it smells SO delicious. 

7.) Blog at least once a week. Although I love to write, I have not been the best about getting on here and writing a post. So, here’s to the rest of the year, and publishing at least one post per week.

8.) Go on a bike ride with my hubby. My husband just bought an older motorcycle. I have only been on one motorcycle ride in my life and it was a lot of fun. I am hoping we will go for our anniversary in August.


9.) Get a goat. I love goats, I think they are cute and they are fun to milk. I am hoping that towards the end of the year we move to a place where we could have a goat.

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