Small Business Spotlight: Artifact Uprising


I take so many pictures in a year and so many times they just end up going on my external hard-drive (yes I have crashed a computer because I did not back up all these photos and learned my lesson). I decided that I wanted to print them or at least have a hard copy so that I don’t have to look at them on the computer.


I created a yearbook on November and December of 2015 and the year of 2016. I wanted to print photos that share our life and different adventures we have had throughout the year. On a two page layout I used one page to journal a memory or write a letter to by family and on the other page photos.



I went with a linen hard-cover book with the half-page dusk jacket (there is an option for a full page). The color I chose is a grey color. The smaller book choice has 52 pages which is what I went with.



-The linen hardcover is absolutely beautiful and it looks amazing sitting on the shelf. It has a much better look than a photo hardcover.

-The size of the book enables you to see photos even if they seem small when you are making it. This also lets you pick a smaller font size so that you can write more.

-The coloring of the photos seems to represent the true color as though they were in a regular printed form.

-Artifact Uprising periodically has sales and so I had my book done and shortly after the first of the year they sent out a 10% off coupon which I used. I think with shipping I paid right around $70. This may seem high for one book, but $70 for an entire year’s worth of photos is pretty cheap!

-Artifact Uprising is a small business based out of Colorado so you are supporting small, always a bonus!



-The layout options for the book give 4 photos per page at most. In some of the pages I wished that there would have been more spots, say nine or even twelve so that more photos could fit on the page.

-You may fall in love and deplete your savings account to buy lots of photo books!


Overall I was extremely satisfied with Artifact Uprising and I am in the process of creating my yearbook for 2017. The only change I made was to upgrade it to 100 pages so that I could fit more photos and writing in this year.

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