Small Business Spotlight: KTJBABY

Location: Etsy (Since 2012), based out of Buffalo, New York. Visit her shop here.

Product: Organic bibs, burp cloths and vegan teethers

Time: Is 3-5 days

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My latest battle with my 21 month old son is mealtime, Getting him to eat is not the issue, getting him to eat and not having him wear another set of dinner is. It gets in his hair, all over his shirt and pants and in the end it would have been better to just have “clothes are optional” all day. With three clothes changes every day, the laundry piles up so high, it may need to get hired out.


And then this wonderful event occurred, the owner of KTJBaby, an Etsy shop contacted me to conduct a product review on her AMAZING bibs. She sent a baby bib for my oldest and two bandana bibs for the twins. I even got the pick out the colors of my bibs, olive green, grey and white with black raindrops on. I like to pick out colors that seem to go with everything, but it was hard to pick as there are many fun prints.


-These bibs are made from organic, high quality cotton terry cloth.

-The baby bibs are BIG, which I love because they catch so much more food than smaller bibs. Theres nothing like putting on a bib and the shirt getting dirty anyways because the bib is too small.

-The solid colors are so vibrant and the patterns are modern/minimalistic.

-The snaps are plastic, and they are very easy to open and close. Sometimes I have had clothing or bibs that have snaps that are hard to open, but you won’t find that with these.

-Price is reasonable at $10 a bib.



-My boys have big cheeks and hardly no necks so the bibs fit them a little snuggly with little extra room. They are 2.5 months so I think as they get older they may fit a little better.

-Since the bibs are thick they could tend to get warm (mostly in the summer months), however if using them for eating, as opposed to babies spitting up this seems irrelevant as a baby or toddler would wear them for a short period time.

But, overall my boys and I are extremely impressed with the bibs, the colors are awesome, as well as the size. If you are looking for a good gift or for your own children, I would highly recommend them.


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