Week two: Leather Scalloped Clutch

The funnest part about doing a 52 week project is putting projects on there that have been pinned on your Pinterest boards for years or months.

Once when scrolling thru Pinterest I came upon a small clutch or coin purse with what looked like to be leather scallops and thought it would be a wonderful way to use up my small leather scraps. I can no longer find that pin, so I can’t show you the original inspiration.

The size of the clutch is,(inchesxinches) and is made from green suede. Suede can be tough to sew with as it moves around more than leather does. I lined it with white cotton. All of the leather used for the scallops are cut from leather jackets that were picked up at thrift stores for $5-$10 a piece.

This was a challenging and fun project for week two. I am thinking about making another one up to put for sale in my Etsy shop, what do you think?

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